Add your wordpress sites to Google Search Console

Want to add more spotlight to your wordpress website? Let Google Search Console help you!

What is Google Search Console?

Let’s get started to add your wordpress website to Google Search Console!

Step 1. Add your wordpress website in Google Search Console

Log in your Google account and click “Add a property” button.
Enter your wordpress website address without https://


Choose Alternate Method > HTML Tag
Copy the code:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="rc2RXSkjV5rz9P2s2hTwdDsnwTu4tD-gmruKUrqBGjs" />

Leave the verification page open.



Step 2. Paste the code on your wordpress account

Go to your wordpress dashboard. Click Testmonials > Tools > Available Tools
Paste the code inside the blank of Google Webmaster Tools.
Click “Save Changes”



Step 3. Go back to the verification page and click “Verify.”



Chen, Ting-Hao
Feb 16, 2016



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